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akaso ek7000 reviews | support go pro filters

akaso ek7000 reviews  support go pro filters

akaso ek7000 pro review

If you are looking for a GoPro alternative at a lower cost, the Akaso EK7000 is worth a glance. It doesn't have equivalent bells and whistles as a GoPro, but it is a surprisingly good 4K action cam.

The Akaso EK7000 looks tons sort of a GoPro. It works tons sort of a GoPro. The videos and photos look almost like those beginning of GoPro cameras. But here’s the kicker: it’s priced at just a fraction of a GoPro.

From the planning of the camera to the packaging materials, this is often clearly a GoPro knockoff. It does basically equivalent things. 4K video–check. Timelapse, burst mode, and still photos–check. Built-in wifi–check. Comes with waterproof housing (rated right down to 100 feet / 30 meters)–check. It’s basically the identical size as a GoPro, and its design is uncannily similar. And it even uses an equivalent GoPro mount connection system.

akaso ek7000 Design

The Akaso EK7000's design is sort of generic. I exploit that word because another camera I've tested (the Drograce WP350) has the precise design with only minor differences within the interface. Another similar model, the CamPark Xtreme I+, features a slightly modified version of this design. for instance, the Akaso uses a red light on the highest to point the facility is on, and slowly blinks when recording; the Drograce uses blue light for an equivalent function. Of course, all of those cameras owe their design to GoPro.

All of those cameras have four buttons that control their functions. The shutter button on the highest of the camera starts and stops recordings and is employed to require pictures. It also acts because of the "enter" button while browsing within the settings.

There are four shooting modes: video, still photos, burst photos, timelapse. I’ll enter each of those below :

  1. Shooting Video with the Akaso EK7000
  2. Taking Photos with the Akaso EK7000
  3. Burst Photos with the Akaso EK7000
  4. Shooting Timelapse Photos with the Akaso EK7000

akaso ek7000 pro review: pro and cons

Video Quality

With GoPro and Sony action cameras leading in quality and innovation, both accompany a somewhat premium tag of between $200 and $400. The Akaso EK7000, costing roughly one-sixth the worth in some cases, does an honest job with video, goodbye as you temper your expectations.

Audio Quality

When used with its waterproof housing, the Akaso's audio quality (as well because the Drograce and therefore the Campark) was muted and muddled, even when talking on to the camera. If you're not planning on getting the camera wet, you'll use the frame-only accessory that clips around the camera.

The battery lifetime of the EK7000

In general, akaso ek7000 battery doesn’t have excellent battery life. The Akaso EK7000 sticks thereto trend, but I used to be actually pleasantly surprised by how well it did. I ran some tests, and at 4K25 and 1080p30, I’ve been getting around 1 hour and 40 minutes, give or take before the battery dies. For the 4K setting, that’s actually slightly above a number of its competitors. At 1080p30, which generally places lower demands on the battery, it’s on a par with competitors or shade on the lower side.

To maximize the battery life, leave the wifi turned off, don’t use the mobile app, and minimize the quantity of viewing on the rear screen.

Basic Controls

If you’ve used a GoPro before you’ll pick this up quickly. In fact, it’s actually a touch simpler in some ways because there are more buttons, so it’s a touch more intuitive for moving through the menu screens.

akaso ek7000 Mobile  App

You can hook up with the camera using the iSmart DV app, which may be a general utility mobile app that's compatible with this camera. It’s available for IOS and Android and you can use akaso ek7000 transfer files to the iPhone in an easy way.

Remote Control of the Akaso EK7000

In another nice touch, the camera comes with a little 2.4GHz wireless remote included. It’s splash-proof but not waterproof. it's two holes for straps on its sides, and there’s a velcro wrist strap included so you'll wear it sort of a watch or wrap it around a selfie stick.

Memory Cards / Recommendations

It doesn’t accompany a memory card, so you’ll get to pick that up separately. It takes a microSD card (both microSDHC and microSDXC).

Charging Cables and Connections

It charges with a micro-USB connection. It comes with a micro-USB cable. It doesn’t accompany an AC wall adapter, but you'll use just about any USB adapter you've got lying around, or external power brick, for that matter. It’s not compatible with the newer USB-C PD fast-charging options.

There is also an HDMI output. I had trouble getting it to figure, but I confess I haven’t spent much time messing thereupon feature.

Bottom Line

Compared to the video recorded for our review of the Editor's Choice GoPro Hero 6 Black, the Akaso falls short in almost every way: image stabilization, color accuracy, audio quality, and simple use. However, at essentially one-sixth of the worth, the Akaso offers an honest alternative for somebody on a decent budget, especially if you're getting to keep the camera mostly still. On the plus side, the Akaso EK7000 does accompany quite a few accessories, making it a pretty good value.

Despite a top resolution of 1080p, the Kodak PixPro SP1 ($179) may be a better option, especially if you propose on shooting footage in the dark. But if you are looking to spend but $100, the Akaso is worth considering.

akaso ek7000 review | How to Use It ?

Where to shop for?

You can find the Akaso EK7000 at Amazon. It comes during a few colors (silver, black, and bright blue).

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